Coldwired EP

by Dauden i Mørke

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released October 25, 2014

Composed by Deka1184
Recorded and Produced by Adam Shepard at Moonskull Recordings
Mastered by Jamie King
Cover Artwork by Corinna Roberge

Adam Shepard

Adam Shepard on tracks 1, 2, and 3
Aisling on tracks 4 and 5



all rights reserved


Dauden i Mørke Detroit, Michigan

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Track Name: Forsvar (CW Version)
Harbinger of forsaken light
Coming faster than the speed of sight
As the lethal ray arrives
The countdown starts to the end of life

Half the sphere is cleansed of sentience
Ionized to grim flourescence
Gatecrashed ozone, solar entrance
Sky dims red with poison presence

Forsvar, forsvar
Threat rises from afar
Forsvar, forsvar
Death of a massive star

Forsvar, forsvar
Night sky blackened scar
Forsvar, forsvar
Extermination beam bizzare
Track Name: Syn (CW Version)
I the forsaken, I have foreseen
Shades of a dissonance crawling in me
Infesting me
Corrupting me
Spawning from the realm of my dreams

Visions conjured by the demons of Sol
Scalding black like eyes of Satan's pure coal
I know I must take refuge in dungeons of old

Light they emit
They cannot transmit
Only from the back they are lit
I must commit
I must submit
To pure darkness never to remit

Darkness has caught up with me
Yet I struck out my eyes in pure agony
In times of the light
Now visions are returning
How can they breed without
Relentless rays of the light
Deep in the night
Visions learned to shine
In absence of sight
fire replaced with the cold chill of death
Visions will follow me beyond my staggered last breath

I am the forgotten exile, the scourge of gods
I contain the inverted corrupted ones
I am the torment of parasite and host
they set my mind ablaze with their taunts and wallow in embers

I am the torment of host and parasite
How can I be while they breed in this Relentless night?
Track Name: Dread (D Minor Version)
Mountains rise, eclipse the sun
Howling wind calls me on
I come to find that I am lost
A tide to chill my soul to frost

All around us cast a glow
Forged of blinding light
A light to spite the darkness
A light despite we're dead in the night
Dauden I Mørke

Far across oblivion a state of nonexistence
The purity of zero as we sacrifice our subsistence

A fatal contravention
Diremption Redemption

All around us cast a glow
Forged of blinding light
Now this is true darkness
Together we are dead in the night
Dauden I Mørke
Track Name: In the Silence of the Shining Sky (Kalafina Cover)
Tsumetai namida wo tataete
Toki ga michiru koro
Anata wa hikari wo sagashite
Yami wo hiraku darou

Akane no utagoe sono mune
Wo somete yuku
Eien ni kogarete chiri isogu
Shirabe no you ni

Kagayaku sora no shijima ni wa
Watashi no niwa ga aru
Itsuka anata ga tadoritsuku
Migiwa no kanata ni

Ama soltia mari miltia
Sai toltia maria imarita
Soltia mari miltia
Sai toltia maria imarita
Track Name: Lacrimosa (Kalafina Cover)
Kurayami no naka de mutsumiau
Zetsubou to mirai o
Kanashimi o abaku tsukiakari
Tsumetaku terashiteta

Kimi no kureta
Gimitsu o shirube ni
Aoi yoru no shizukesa o yuku

Tooku kudakete kieta
Mabushii sekai o
Mou ichido aishitai
Hitomi no naka ni
Yume o kakushite
Yogoreta kokoro ni
Namida ga ochite kuru made

Canta miya kanari krista dorcheta
Iyo ahiyo
Canta miya kanari krista dorcheta
Iya mariyai
Dorche ita

Maboroshi no basha wa yami o wake
Hikari no aru hou e
Yume to iu wana ga boku-tachi o
Homura e izanau

Sora no ue no mujihi na kamigami ni wa
Donna sakebi mo todoki wa shinai

Koko ni umarete ochita
Chinureta sekai o
Osorezu ni aishitai
Yurusareru yori
Yurushi shinjite
Yogoreta chijou de
Namida no hibi o kazoete

Canta miya kanari krista dorcheta
Iyo ahiyo
Canta miya kanari krista dorcheta
Iya mariyai
Dorche ita