Diremption Redemption (Demo)

by Dauden i Mørke



Composed and Produced by Deka1184
Artwork by Mercurious

Deka1184 on tracks 2, 3, 4, 5 , 6 ,11 and 12
Christgrinder on tracks 1, 7, 8 and 9

Deka1184 on tracks 2, 3, 4 ,5 , 6, 11 and 12
Mercurious on tracks 1 and 9

Åron Kochmord

Hidden Track: Alejandro (Lady Gaga cover)


released August 21, 2010



all rights reserved


Dauden i Mørke Detroit, Michigan

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Track Name: Dread
Mountains rise, eclipse the sun
Howling wind calls me on
I come to find that I am lost
A tide to chill my soul to frost

All around us cast a glow
Forged of blinding light
A light to spite the darkness
A light despite we're dead in the night
Dauden I Mørke

Far across oblivion a state of nonexistence
The purity of zero as we sacrifice our subsistence

A fatal contravention
Diremption Redemption

All around us cast a glow
Forged of blinding light
Now this is true darkness
Together we are dead in the night
Dauden I Mørke
Track Name: Frozen Planet
Cold world of ice
Lost to the night
Eternal Stagnation
Track Name: Spirit of Ice
So we've seen
And so we've heard
An omen in
The northern sky

we will fight
And stars will fall
Our time to die

Blood was spilled
Upon the ice
Snowstorms came
A winter's night

Spirits came
Took us away
Buried deep
And here we lie
Track Name: Dagen er Død
Dagen er død
Sola dør
Lyser forsvinner
Jorden er dekket i mørke
Track Name: Lex Celestis
Stars burn within our souls
We gaze into the void so cold and
Contemplate our origins
Will consciousness be born again?

Lex Celestis
This is Sentinence

Self aware yet all encompassing
Existential fears outnumbering
Fate leads us all to the same
Black hole radiated into space

Lex Celestis
This is Existence

Stellar winds from a blue white furnace
Sculpting a twisted shape, lifeless astral sweeping fate
Tidal forces - waves of dark matter
Space and time are ripped apart - from a cold galactic heart
Track Name: A Martyr's Rede (Demo Version)
To my home they came with weapons keen
To blight love from my heart and my powers obscene
Hypocrites and slanderers
Strike my honest life with flame and poison

Mute to all but fate's betrayal
Strength of mind shall never fail
Their pathetic opposition
Serves my victory total completion

I walk upon the edge of reason
Through endless halls of solitude
I call upon the darkest season
Grant me vision and fortitude

I call upon the stars and moon
Guide my path to my revenge
I call upon my strength of will
The worms are drowning in my wrath

Ei I darkened era
brought forth in their reign
crashing down with terror
my hatred lit aflame

Smothering mountains and meadows
A winter's veil chills the madness
Vengeance knows no mercy
When the souls of the cruel lie powerless

Too late to regret what you have done
Death arrives like a creeping shadow
The dullened blade of sadistic executioners
Falls upon thy worthless wasted marrow

I now await my death
Track Name: Derelict I
This domain is a toxic wasteland
Civilization eradicated
Infestation encorpsulation
A post apocalyptic nation

Try as you may you will never escape
No walls to hold you in but now its too late
Confined by law confined by lack of wealth
While worms slather putrid shit on each other's backs

Derelict wraiths of majestic beasts loom around you
Skeletal figures of broken men will soon bid the world adieu
Destitution of the poor breeds violence and despair
Pig council of depravity is leading us nowhere

We must flood the highways with a scalding acid
Release a plague upon the wasted populace
Preserve the remains of this city once proud
Monuments to all they let crumble to the ground
Track Name: Freedom's Depths
All the stars calling me
Become one with us again
Cosmic foundries of the abyss
Mass ignites
Scattered remains
Of another ancient light

Interstellar space
Tormented promenade
Gravitational war
Collapse into the core from which you came
Track Name: Darkstar
Hurling towards the boiling mouth of Satan
Void all but madness, chaos, and hate
Spherical sign
Rebel against all space and time
Crushing itself into oblivion