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released January 22, 2011

Composed and Produced by Deka1184
Artwork by Mercurious

Christgrinder on all tracks

Mercurious on all tracks except track 3 and 5
Deka1184 and Christgrinder on track 4



all rights reserved


Dauden i Mørke Detroit, Michigan

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Track Name: Forsvar
Forsvar, forsvar
Threat rises from afar
Forsvar, forsvar
Death of a massive star

Forsvar, forsvar
Night sky blackened scar
Forsvar, forsvar
Extermination beam bizzare

The cosmos has forsaken this world
A gamma ray burst, the death cry of a massive sphere
a mega-parsec away, but far far too near

The unfathomable power from Andromeda
From this assault there is no defense
For our Nemesis arrives at the speed of sight itself
Before space has accounted for our death
Track Name: Syn
I the forsaken, I have foreseen
Shades of a dissonance crawling in me
Infesting me
Corrupting me
Spawning from the realm of my dreams

Visions conjured by the demons of Sol
Scalding black like eyes of Satan's pure coal
I know I must take refuge in dungeons of old

Light they emit
They cannot transmit
Only from the back they are lit
I must commit
I must submit
To pure darkness never to remit

Darkness has caught up with me
Yet I struck out my eyes in pure agony
In times of the light
But now visions are returning
How can they breed without
Relentless rays of the light
Deep in the night
Visions learned to shine
In absence of sight
fire replaced with the cold chill of death
Visions will follow me beyond my staggered last breath

They shear my mind I'm in agony
fraying blackened strands of my life
when will the torment cease
when will i regain my sanity
These corrupted eyes are dead to cleansing light

I am the forgotten exile, the scourge of gods
I contain in me the inverted corrupted ones
I am the torment of parasite and host
they set my mind ablaze with their taunts and wallow in embers

I cannot transcend myself
yet death ravages my living shell again
I cannot fight
Blackened visions are returning
How can I be while they breed in Relentless night?
Track Name: Diremption Redemption
I was the god-whore
The fallen abhorred
My world devoured
From heaven to core

I have been reborn
Now free of god-scorn
Into an angel
An angel of Satan

Hail Satan
Tear me apart
Hail Satan
Meld me together
Hail Satan
Into something better
Hail Satan
Than before
Track Name: Suicide Serum
Sleep, blissful sleep
A deadly final leap
I shall not weep as i rot to the core

Diving into the deep
Oblivion's slope so steep
The chasm devours my soul forever more

I forsake the curse of this life
Ravines of pain to no longer explore

I choose the path of torments end
Suicide my savior forever more

Why keep on fighting and lying
And hating and crying
And killing and dying
And crawling through
This realm that i abhor

I was told life is a gift
It capsized swift
And sent me adrift
Fuck you all
Burn in hell
Forever more

My veins open wide
They crave their own demise
As my innocence did so long ago
I count my last breaths and turn to the sky
For one last time

The ghost of enlightenment draws so near
Her hair brushes my skin and she disappears
I have no fear, this was my time
After which I'm no longer here
Track Name: A Martyr's Rede
To my home they came with weapons keen
To blight love from my heart and my powers obscene
Hypocrites and slanderers
Strike my honest life with flame and poison

Mute to all but fate's betrayal
Strength of mind shall never fail
Their pathetic opposition
Serves my victory total completion

I walk upon the edge of reason
Through endless halls of solitude
I call upon the darkest season
Grant me vision and fortitude

I call upon the stars and moon
Guide my path to my revenge
I call upon my strength of will
The worms are drowning in my wrath

Ei I darkened era
brought forth in their reign
crashing down with terror
my hatred lit aflame

Smothering mountains and meadows
A winter's veil chills the madness
Vengeance knows no mercy
When the souls of the cruel lie powerless

Too late to regret what you have done
Death arrives like a creeping shadow
The dullened blade of sadistic executioners
Falls upon thy worthless wasted marrow

I now await my death
Track Name: Sigil
In Zerthimon's Name

Eidolon, a thousand shades of the past
Phantasm, this hollow life will be as my last
Spectre, I will kill my transcendence
Revenant, death will be my repentance

A torus of a thousand doors
A ring of a thousand keys
Portals of unfolding force
The lady brings me to my knees

Searing blades weave their dance in my flesh
Dragging me into the fortress of regrets

Atop the spire a demi-plane
A maze to drive a man insane
You know you have been here before
I know you will come here again
Track Name: Of Filaments and Voids
Dying fast, imploding to rest
All below, exploding at last
There is no more
There is no order higher than this final roar
Of stars burning to die

Filaments and voids of
galaxies corrupt gravitational tides
unshackled minds of dead gods
see beyond time
or are they blind?
Has the light passed them by?

Singularites to dead space, the great hollow
Infinity to here is a voyage, from which we follow
Into the night once again

Cosmic death, this is the end
All above, this is the end
There is no more
There is no order higher than this final roar
Of stars burning to die

Embers smolder into infinity....

Enshrined to the stars destined for immortality
Shining to the drone of everlasting spheres
Oscillating between two points of the spacetime
Never to escape, their fate is dead clear

Procreating dualities matter is chained
For upon annihilation it still remains
Infinite circles in the bleak fourth dimension
Of will I break free from this cosmic cage